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Welcome to Our Blog! Get to Know Us

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

If you've come this far, you already know a little about us... We want to share a bit more...

We're doulas, but first, we HAD a doula!

Since we're all going to become family (that's what happens when you have a doula), you can call us Drea and KeKe! We're moms of six boys ( including one angel baby), and both relocated from the PNW within the last two years. We have benefited from unofficial doula(s) and trained and certified doulas. We know our births and postpartum periods were improved by the birth workers who advocated and were there for us. Because of them, we have a passion for birth work and learning that allows us to support our community.

This is us daily

Reproductive/ Maternal Justice and a Safe Birthing Space

We are the best of friends and consider ourselves creative collaborators as we work as Birth Justice Advocates. We are committed to supporting every birthing person and ensuring you have a safe and informed birth. To center Reproductive/Maternal Justice and reduce the maternal mortality rate (specifically the Black maternal mortality rate), we joined The National Perinatal Task Force as a Perinatal Safe Spot. If you are looking for a doula or birth worker outside our service area, we suggest you look to this resource.

We're just like YOU

We're busy parents, we've been single parents, and we have lived LIFE which has led us to where/who we are now, Tampa, Florida, birth- workers, advocates, and a safe space to be when you are pregnant/postpartum!

Feel free to comment if any of this resonates with you or if you would like to learn more about us.


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